Tea Dragon Films

Tea Dragon Films was born of a simple premise—that filmmaking is a journey waiting to unfold. Along the path, we strive to highlight the unexpected and offer fresh perspectives in an effort to enrich lives and broaden human awareness.

Film has the power to delight the senses and transcend mere entertainment, stimulating vital cultural conversation and ultimately leading to greater self-knowledge. Our dream is to open the hearts and minds of those seeking fresh insight about the art of living in today’s increasingly virtual society. We aim to make films that explore what is deeply felt in the natural world, cultivating creativity, imagination, and more authentic connections in our day-to-day lives.

Tea Dragon Films hopes to inspire our audiences by making film a multidimensional experience: music, poetry, dialogue, and imagery beautifully blended together. We sincerely believe that through our work, the great and often overlooked secrets of life become available for the larger community around the world.